Become a Moderator

What are Moderators?

Moderators are stewards of their specific forum. The purpose of the moderator is to foster discussion and encourage healthy forums. 

What can they do?

Most of the work of a moderator goes unseen.  They read their forum many times a day; providing guidance to new members, helping to resolve member complaints, and resolving the occasional conflict.  Moderators have the ability edit and delete posts (such as spam and trolling), move threads, and perform other maintenance functions.  Moderators can ban some accounts such as ad spammers and trolls. 

How are Moderators selected?

Moderators are selected from the general membership by the current volunteer member team.  A position for a specific forum is generally offered to members who are particularly helpful, even-tempered, and knowledgeable in the subject of the forum they are moderating.

What's the volunteer experience for Moderators?

Most moderators volunteer for a period of 12-18 months.  Moderators typically start in the role of Assistant Moderator while they learn the position.

Those volunteers that have been with the volunteer team for longer than that period are often selected to serve as Senior Moderators.  Senior Moderators oversee the training and management of Moderators, assist with higher-level issues and can cover in any forum.

There are generally only five Administrators at SDN and they serve in a support role for the entire volunteer team.  In addition to their support duties, they often have special duties such as management of the server platforms and sponsorship coordination.

How can I volunteer to be a Moderator?

Most moderators do not nominate themselves, they are selected from the general membership based on activity and those qualities noted above. 

However, to volunteer as a moderator, send a Private Message to the lead moderator(s) for your desired forum.  Your name will be added to a pool of potential volunteers.  Moderators are generally selected as volunteer staffing needs change.

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